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Eiso Bergsma BV - History  


After six years of working in a Plexiglas processing company Eiso Bergsma started his own company incorporated in plastics. Now for over 33 years we are successful specialists in all kinds of markets providing customized small and large series of plastics and acrylics.

Our modern workshop is full of craft workers who go to the extreme - using (CNC) machines – to deliver any desired plastic product in the best quality.

After being housed for three years at the Oude Looiersstraat, then eight years at the Anjeliersstraat and finally 12 years at the Kostverlorenstraat (all in the centre of Amsterdam) it was time to expand. With the new techniques, the increased use of plastics and the service that our customers expect today, even our building on the Kostverlorenstraat became too small for all our activities. Therefore we opted for a large industrial premises, a new look and a new impetus. We are proud of our fantastic new location at the Niew Zeelandweg 7 in Amsterdam (Westpoort).

In 2005 the company was sold to the Rere-group which made the opportunities within the company increase. In addition to editing of Perspex, it is now possible to include other materials and combine them in a unique way to make original and innovative products.

Eiso Bergsma is able to provide all products, in-store solutions and window systems that makes the focus on your products increase and stimulate sales. We handle the entire process from idea, design, prototyping, production, logistics to total realization.

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