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Production Eiso Bergsma Netherlands, Eastern Europe & Asia

Eiso Bergsma has very modern and well equipped production factories in the Netherlands, Eastern Europe and Asia. Therefore we are able to deliver the right solution for almost every application. A few pieces (including samples and prototypes) small series and series with short delivery times are manufactured in our factory in Amsterdam. Productions also take place outside the Netherlands to provide our customers with the entire range - in large quantities and at the most favorable conditions. Eiso Bergsma is also located in Poland and Asia.


In all cases we are challenged to smart produce and deliver all of your productional requirements. Smart & Clever Production contributes to optimize the price / quality ratio and the desired delivery times. Issues that we face daily and like to run and stream for you are:

- Door to door service

- Transport by road and through water and air

- Factory-finished export packing or arranging deliveries of third party repackaging and packaging for export

- The handling of customs procedures and all associated documents

- Inspection by the customer in online systems to follow the process


To manufacturing operations we offer are:

cnc milling technique

cnc laser cutting

cnc laser etching

cnc turning

hot bending and forming

• chilling


• drilling and sawing

injection molding

(mold design and production)

• Thermal pressure and vacuum operations

Printing, digital and screen printing