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Eiso Bergsma BV - Vision  


Our vision and practices are aimed at sustainable relationships. Both with our suppliers and with our customers. This means that we ask a lot from our suppliers, but we also stay committed to give substance to a long lasting relationship. This is how we are together able to solve seemingly impossible requests from our customers. We are aware of the trend of the day and short decision-making processes that often precede. To this we have set and we are a team of enthusiastic and experienced staff ready to anticipate. From consulting and design to manufacture. From purchase to delivery. Or the entire project management. The choice is yours.

From our philosophy that business is a matter of granting, we think that the quality of the relationship is just as important as the product itself. That is why we put just as much care and attention to this part of the process.

The human behind the business - understanding customer-specific conditions - high degree of flexibility - speed in action during the tender phase, design phase and implementation phase - prototype systems - multi-media knowledge advice and project management.
All these things must ensure that our clients are satisfied in all aspects, internally and externally to the front and rear of the entire process. Eiso Bergsma strives to bring you the very best on all levels.

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