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Nothing is as beautiful as a special entrance to your business. A delightful desk with personal appearance where you can receive your guests and clients in style. This can be the desk of your company, but might also be a temporary desk for a fair or an event. A desk is often the first place where your customers and prospects personally connect with your business. Eiso Bergsma provides a wide range of plastics, Plexiglas and other materials, colours, lighting effects and shape designs. You can discuss your specific wishes with your own designer, or whith the in-house professionals of the Eiso Bergsma design team.

A display is a broad concept. Under this designation many kinds of products exist in various forms. We distinguish floor displays, wall displays, desk displays and hanging displays. They can be manufactured in virtually any format and from virtually any material. Enhanced with special effects (LED) lighting, moving parts and printed materials they can be used to support and promote companies and products. Eiso Bergsma offers a huge selection of plastic and Plexiglas displays.

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