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Eiso Bergsma BV - Ecological Recycle Program  

Ecological Recycle Program


Eiso Bergsma is committed to a better living environment by making as much as possible products ​​from 100% recycled acrylic / PMMA / Plexiglas and other materials. We try to work from the cradle to cradle principle as much as we can, which means we recycle unusable products and our waste to reuse. The supply of these materials is currently limited, but will increase considerably in time. The transparent plate is available in several thicknesses from which we can process an excellent final product that is ecological, economic and esthetical justified. On request we also offer plates in colours; however the minimum order quantity for this is slightly higher.

It is also possible for us to collect the plastic material used in Acrylic / PMMA / Plexiglas and other materials to reprocess, so it can serve as raw material for new products.

Deliver your old displays to us and help us contribute to a prolonged more liveable surrounding and environment.

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