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Led Lighting

Eiso Bergsma processes different types of lighting systems in many productions for various clients with specific needs, including: architects, designers, shop fitters, furniture makers and interior specialists.

Depending on the applications and the diverse demands in the areas of lighting, we work with brands like: General Electric, Osram and Philips. For each application a suitable solution. Eiso Bergsma provides modern LED technology or the more conventional fluorescent lighting. We can easily tailor integrate all your regular or special wishes regarding light into all products.

Lighting & LED

The advantages of LED lighting are enormous. One of the main reasons to invest in LED lighting is that you can greatly save on your energy bill. LED components are also small and therefore ideal to install. LED comes in different colours. Mono or RGB. With and without control on individual LEDs.

What exactly is LED Lighting?

LED is actually the abbreviation for Light Emitting Diodes. The applications are becoming more numerous and more convenient. LED lighting is totally different than other light sources and has numerous advantages that largely exceed the advantages of the conventional CFL.

Lighting & Fluorescent

Fluorescent lighting is mainly conventional but still popular in garages, kitchens, hobby lofts and offices and in retail lighting projects. The bright light and the tube shape are popular. Fluorescent lighting is efficient and long lasting. Environmentally friendly, because fluorescent lighting is as energy efficient as a CFL. Between 15 and 40 degrees fluorescent lighting is the most efficient. Fluorescent lighting quickly reaches the maximum light output after booting and is therefore suitable in places where the light comes on for a short time.

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