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Eiso Bergsma BV - Pedestals  


There are many products that you have to see up close. A plastic base provides the right side-product. A pedestal brings your product up so it is better to see. They can also be protected by a cover of Plexiglas which is placed on the pedestal. Eiso Bergsma provides combinations of bases and caps. Our experts can advise you on specific objects. 

Bases can be manufactured from different materials. Fully transparent with a clear hood is the best choice regarding art and objects. Bases and caps are manufactured by Eiso Bergsma for galleries, museums, artists and companies. An application that looks great and therefore is widely used in the events-industry and shops. Products are presented on pedestals. By using colours or being printed, they can be fully integrated into any conceivable design concept.

Solid basis for presentation.

Not only are many artworks covered in Plexiglas, but Plexiglas also serves as the basis for art. One thinks here of consoles and pedestals. Do you want the main focus to lay on your picture or sculpture, place it on a pedestal of clear Plexiglas. Eiso Bergsma serves any support of your treasures. Whatever your preference may be - square, round, hollow or solid - you name it, we make it.

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