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Plastic Products

plastic products

Eiso Bergsma supplies many kinds of plastic materials and plastic products. Except for soft plastics, such as the kinds that are used in garbage bags and various bottles, we serve each market and/or objective that demands a product or a total solution made out of plastic. We thereby distinguish a number of product groups and different approaches of plastic. Each in their own specific way they bring the desired result, depending on the wishes of our customers.

Eiso Bergsma plastic products are found in virtually all market sectors. You can think of plastics for construction - plastic sheet material and semi-finished products to all end solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Industrial plastics are reflected in products such as piping and machinery, but also in machine enclosures and other types of safety glazing. Advertising plastics are for instance manifested in signage and illumination (with LED technology). We provide full in-store solutions with counters and displays in all shapes and sizes and deliver complete window fixtures. We also make plastic furniture for renowned designer brands and provide eye-catching interior applications.

For architects we provide the models, as well the matching protective dust caps. We manufacture large and small aquariums, awards, windows, frames and many more products of plastic. Plastic for short, is a product with unlimited possibilities. On this site you can find information concerning all the plastics we deliver to meet with your desired objectives. Under the heading Portfolio shows a selection from our range. The Services tab consists of Materials (types, brands, properties and applications) and Techniques which refers to all the ways we can edit plastic plates, blocks, tubes, square or round rod, and much more into any desired result.

Our advisors will tell you even more about plastic and the numerous applications that this product has. They can also tell you more about inventories, delivery times, prices and projects. Contact>