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Eiso Bergsma BV - Showcases  


Crystal clear and dust-free Plexiglas showcases by Eiso Bergsma. We work for museums and other large institutions and companies. But also for individual customers who want their precious objects and works of art to exhibit and / or protect under a beautiful canopy.

We make acrylic display cases customized to display and protect your products and / or artefacts. An Eiso Bergsma showcase gives your product a good value while it is protected against damage and / or theft.

We can also design and make the display especially for easy removing the products out of the cabinet.

Most of our display cases are clear and transparent - made ​​from acrylic / plexiglas - and can have different shapes. Many creative designs are possible in this segment. Shape, colour, print, motion and light can be integrated so that the attractive value of your objects shall greatly increase.

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