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There are several methods in order to cast objects. Eiso Bergsma offers two methods.

Molded in clear epoxy resin

Cast in clear acrylic (pmma)

The differences :

Both are liquid resources which harden by a chemical process. Both hardening bright. Acrylic will typically be brighter. Acrylic can also be etched, resin etch results are not pretty. Synthetic aging occurs earlier with resin than acrylic. Acrylic is much more expensive than resin and difficult to pour.

Risks :

In both processes a considerable heat occurs. In both cases, potting risks are associated. These are risks that occur during the chemical process and cannot be influenced. They are often not visible and do only manifest after the process has been consummated. At that moment there is absolutely nothing more to do about it.

What can occur :

Very small dust particles floating

Very small air / shrinkage bubbles

Moisture and / or moisture and air bubbles may form, because they still were present in the object

Discoloration of the object due to the heat and the clotting process

Rupture / laceration of the object due to the heat and the clotting process

We do a lot of casting and for the majority the risk is very limited, but we have to mention it to you. There is just no possibility of reclamation and / or guarantee. If it is your only object you have to know that it can also perish. All these things will have to be considered.

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